Change management and training should
go beyond the finish line.

The likelihood of a project achieving expected benefits and outcomes is tied directly to user adoption and engagement. We're here to help you with the people side of your project. We provide change management and training in a way that fits your culture the best and supports user adoption throughout the organization.


Get Ready, get set, Go!

Before kicking off a project, it’s critical to consider activities like business case development, cultural alignment and on-going governance. Our Prosci© certified team will work with you to assess your organization’s readiness for the change and address user adoption. We collaborate with you to identify who is impacted by the change, what type of training is required, your desired outcomes, and more to ensure messaging across all levels of the organization are clear and consistent. 

signed, sealed and delivered

Communication during change is an opportunity to provide transparency and engage your employees. We focus on providing on-going communication that starts with building awareness and gets more detailed as you get closer to go-live. We will work with you to establish clear, consistent and targeted key messages that align with your goals.



turn nay-sayers into yay-sayers

Resistance is human nature and is the number one roadblock to adoption. We work with you to answer core questions like: Why is this change happening? What’s in it for me? Why should I get on board? We collaborate with your internal subject matter experts to develop training materials and inspire them to be change champions.

culture is king

A recent study by change management leader Prosci© showed 90% of participants rated cultural awareness as either important or very important to project success. Being culturally aware enables project teams to tailor change management and training approaches to align with your culture, while avoiding specific obstacles. Training can be adapted to cultural-specific standards and communications personalized for different cultural settings. We focus on your culture from the start.

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measure your results, realize your benefits

Go-live does not equal adoption. Realizing your intended benefits requires a short and long-term focus on reinforcement and maybe even course correction. We'll check in with you to ensure results are being measured and assess how well your Kronos® solution was adopted. From there, we can provide recommendations, next steps and build action plans to continuously engage your employees, and maximize your return on investment.

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