An extra layer of support when you need it,
how you need it.

We've simplified support. Flexible support options let you mix and match services as your needs evolve. Having a go-to team of experts brings peace of mind and cost effectiveness for those tasks which may be beyond the reach of the existing team. We're ready to answer your questions or provide extra resources to keep your Kronos®solution running at it's peak levels.


quickly resolve issues

You depend on Kronos®to drive your business, so don't delay in addressing disruptive problems. Our dedicated team delivers on-demand support and proactive guidance to keep your solution performing at its highest level. We can help mitigate risk, keep rules up to date, and solve issues quickly so you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business.

Skilled resources

When you make the decision to collaborate with us, you gain access to a team of fully certified professionals offering capabilities beyond that of any other provider. Our resources are available both remotely and on-site to support your existing resources and ensure your business requirements are met.



flexible engagements

We understand the needs of your team will vary from month to month. Flexible engagements allow you to select the level of service that is right for your business, then we handle the rest. Whatever you need, we're ready!

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