Align your people and strategy with your Kronos® solution.

The first step to organizational success is to ensure your workforce management, technology and business strategies are in alignment. After an objective assessment of your current position, we'll recommended a path forward that makes sense for your business requirements.



look before you leap

Get the answers and recommendations you've been looking for to improve the performance of your workforce and Kronos® solution. We work closely with you to understand your business, analyze your current processes and present a detailed assessment of our findings and recommendations. You'll have unique insight into short-term opportunities coupled with long-term strategic guidance.


educational needs assessment

We get to know the intricacies of your business so we can determine the best way to prepare your users for the Kronos® solution. The education assessment identifies gaps that may exist in end-user training and focuses on understanding the end users at entry level: who they are, what they need to learn, and identify the best method of training.




a ROadmap built for you 

The assessment can form the basis for a multi-year roadmap and build a business case based on your goals. We'll prioritize the opportunities in favor of the initiatives that provide low disruption to the business, yet carry positive financial returns.




we tell it like it is

We promise an honest appraisal of the challenges and opportunities of your processes and your technology. There is no agenda behind the assessment except to ensure accurate and unbiased recommendations. The result is a clearly documented and evidence based report with actionable, practical and measurable strategies that can be implemented separately or as a complete program.

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