Our strength is in the excellence of our people, which is why we call on our own employees to contribute to our Workforce Management blog. Their decades of Kronos® experience across a vast range of industries certainly makes them subject matter experts. From industry insights to tips on gaining more value from your Kronos® solution, our blog is another way we help our clients achieve excellence.


Unplanned Absences: The Productivity Killer

Employee health and well-being will be a top priority for most HR and Management professionals in 2019. Having the visibility to notice trends in your employees’ absences, such as an occasional day off becoming more and more frequent, is the first line of defense when absenteeism starts lowering your productivity and engagement and raising your costs.

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What was your first job? It’s interesting how flipping pizzas as a teenager can be a great introduction experience to workforce management.


Simplify your workforce management

Driven by the rise of connected technology, mobility and globalization, today’s workforce faces unprecedented change. While disruption is always a challenge, we offer a number of great solutions to meet the needs of our clients.


The Dilemma of the midweek holiday

This Fourth of July, millions of Americans fired up their grills, filled their coolers, stretched out on large blankets, and gazed up at booming fireworks with their closest friends and family to celebrate our nation’s birthday. But, when absenteeism spikes in the days leading up to a holiday and the days following, it leaves some organizations understaffed, unprepared and unmotivated.


SHRM 2018 pre-Event Checklist: know before you go 

Presence of IT is excited to announce that we will be attending SHRM 2018! Our team of experts have compiled a list of the top tricks you need to know, before you go, in order to optimize your time at the World's Largest HR conference, SHRM 2018. We hope to see you in Chicago, IL, June 17-20 in booth #2855. 


3 tools to win your battle for talent: 

There is currently a shortage of skilled and qualified workers leaving the demand for talent at an all-time high. HR is uniquely positioned to lead rather than follow when it comes to the digital revolution and what it means for your business. That's why it's more important than ever to make sure you're winning the battle for talent and setting your organization up for success. 


Workforce management:it's time to make the leap.

You hear all the time that there are better ways to automate your processes and that you should adopt a new or switch your existing Workforce Management (WFM) system. But, what is a WFM system and how can you be sure to find right solution for your business? A new best-of-breed WFM system can be a big change to your company's processes and the infrastructure can be intimidating. However, improved efficiencies and processes from further automating day-to-day tasks will enable you to make more strategic and informed decisions about your organization while reducing time fraud, streamlining your payroll procesess and managing your absenteeism.


3 things to consider before making the move to Workforce Dimensions™:

If you’re looking around and finding your business isn’t the same as it was a few years ago, chances are you are probably not alone. The next generation of workforce management technology is here, and as Kronos® explains it best, "Workforce Dimensions™ products are built to optimize your most valuable resource". Workforce Dimensions™ can be easily integrated with existing systems, however, there are still some steps that should be taken to streamline your system, so it is ready to be easily migrated. 


Time Fraud: How time fraud effects business and costs

While it's true that not all time fraud errors are created equal, many companies are constantly struggling with how to combat time and labor fraud, a behavior that is quietly costing employers hundreds of thousands in labor dollars every year. When it comes to identifying and managing time fraud, it may be confusing for companies who are still using manual processess or who havn't approached the issue head on. 


8 Common business challenges solved by White Glove Services

Whether you're moving on from manual processes or just need a more tailored training program, White Glove Services is more than a name. It's matching your unique business needs to the skills of one of our experts and taking a personalized approach to help you feel more confident in your Kronos® solution.


the reinvention of retail

The future of retail is already here. Your employees and managers can create their ideal schedules with the help of schedule optimization on any device, anywhere, at any time. While considering employee preferences alongside customer demand, machine learning makes schedule creation more accurate.



Envision yourself after months of investing time and resources, training and implementing your new solution and you’ve made it. You’re finally crossing the “finish line”. After go-live, companies have a tendency to relax and sometimes revert back to their old ways, even after a very successful implementation, because it’s comfortable. It’s important to realize that the “finish line” of your project should not be the final destination in your user adoption journey.



When it comes to your employees adopting new technology, you can’t leave it up to luck. You must be prepared to take action at the right time, in the right way, for the right reasons. In projects, timing and cultural awareness are critical. Being culturally aware ensures that project teams are intentional with their change management and training approach which leads to increased user adoption.



If you think your frequent emails and short phone calls with your employees and colleagues are doing the trick, think again. Research findings from the Project Management Institute state that one third of the time, ineffective communication is the primary contributor to project failure. Learn how communication and change champions are key to your project success. 



“User adoption” is a phrase often heard in the workplace, business articles, and trade shows. While understanding the term user adoption can be a challenge, achieving it is much more elusive. When user adoption doesn’t go according to plan, investments made on projects can become risky and in some instances, even threaten the well-being of a company.