3 things to consider before making the move to Kronos Workforce Dimensions™ :

AtKronosWorks™ 2017 in November, Kronos® Workforce Dimensions™  was unveiled to much fanfare and excitement. Workforce Dimensions™  combines the power of Workforce Central® with the simplicity and ease-of-use of Kronos Workforce Ready®.

Kronos® has designed Workforce Dimensions™  to be more intuitive and easier for your managers and employees to use, whether they are in the office or on the go. Workforce Dimensions™  is built on a new platform that makes it easier to gather the information you need to make more timely and informed decisions. The platform provides flexibility for even the most complex businesses and can be easily integrated with existing systems (Kronos.com).

The new solution comes ready to easily migrate data from your current Kronos® platform over to Workforce Dimensions™. Much of a typical configuration can be migrated as is, and what cannot be migrated over to Workforce Dimensions™  only requires a simple re-entry after some additional configuration (Power Moves Migrating to Workforce Dimensions™  Webinar).

If you’re considering making the switch to Workforce Dimensions™ , take some time to complete these three easy steps that will ensure your data and people make a smooth and streamlined transition.

1.         Optimize your data:

If you’re looking around and finding your business isn’t the same as it was a few years ago, chances are you are not alone. Maybe you have hired more employees, developed new HR policies, have legacy pay rules, new collective bargaining agreements, or acquired additional business units. As your business evolves, your Kronos® solution should evolve, too. Your data should accurately reflect how your business is operating today to transition to Workforce Dimensions™  as smoothly as possible.

2.         Standardize your processes

Standardizing your processes will address two major business objectives: compliance and efficiency. When processes are standardized in one unified, single source of truth, reporting is easier and more transparent, employees can be evaluated equally, and silos across the business diminish.

3.         Prepare your team

Getting your team in tip top shape is important. It’s time to identify who will take on roles in your project team, who will be impacted by the change, what type of training is required, and pinpoint your desired outcomes to ensure messaging across all levels of the organization are clear and consistent.

If you find you need a helping hand along the way, we’ll be your guide.

As the excitement and anticipation of the shift to Workforce Dimensions™ continues to build, get ahead of the game by preparing your data and team for the change. Our Workforce Dimensions™ team will work right alongside your project team to assess your organization’s readiness for change, minimize risks, increase user adoption, and improve your organizational efficiency. We’re prepared with the strategies and experience needed to help evolve your business processes.