The Dilemma of the Midweek Holiday

This past Fourth of July, millions of Americans fired up their grills, filled their coolers, stretched out on large blankets, and gazed up at booming fireworks with their closest friends and family to celebrate our nation’s birthday. This midweek holiday last occurred in 2012 and this year, the reaction, “thank God it’s Wednesday?” rang through offices and organizations loud and clear around the country yet again.

The one-day holiday in the middle of the week was cursed by some, who when plagued by the question, “what it will look like to my boss?” entered the office Monday and Tuesday, only to begrudgingly return to the office Thursday and Friday. Others however, less concerned with their boss’s approval, countered by taking two vacation days to extend an extra long weekend on either side of the holiday. If employees think the midweek holiday is inconvenient for them, it’s not any better for their managers. When absenteeism spikes in the days leading up to a holiday and the days following, morale and productivity for those who don’t partake is at an all-time low, leaving some organizations understaffed, unprepared and unmotivated.

Work smarter, not harder.

It’s imperative, especially around holidays, that managers have clear visibility into their Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workforce Management (WFM) systems to know which employees are working and which are not. With the ability to assign automated rules for time-off and vacation or for seniority when there are union bargaining agreements in place, the system can take the personal aspect or personality conflict out of time off requests for managers.  A solution like Kronos Workforce Dimensions™ Absence Management goes one step further by automating daily tasks such as time off requests through Workforce Advisor, which uses AI and advanced machine learning to automatically approve or deny time off requests based on your policies without manager intervention. Actively managing your absenteeism through your automated system can also improve office morale and productivity while keeping your organization compliant with local labor laws. 

Holidays don’t have to throw a wrench in your organization’s productivity, ask us how you can take more control of your human capital management and workforce management systems. In the meantime, it’s a long wait until the next time we’ll all get an automatic 3-day weekend for Independence Day in 2022, when July 4th falls on a Monday.