SolutionTrac™ – Methodology

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Designed through experience, embraced by our clients and proven to deliver results.

Our methodology - EC-Payroll

Our methodology

At Presence of IT, our wealth of experience implementing integrated Workforce Management, HR and Payroll solutions for clients has led us to develop, and refine over a decade, a hybrid methodology that compliments those used by leading vendors in the market. Our SolutionTrac approach accelerates the Return on Investment (ROI) of projects and enables clients to realize quality outcomes with minimized risks and implementation costs.

How does SolutionTrac benefit your project

Our methodology has been continually enhanced and repeatedly proven in collaboration with hundreds of clients across the globe, of varying size, complexity and experience in all vertical markets.

Clients can expect:

  • Project Leadership – focused on time proven project tennants to provide for successful delivery through the management of Time, Cost, Quality, People, Risk and Communication
  • Opportunities – Our clients require us to successfully drive and deliver value quickly to their customers. Using a documented methodology allows us to structure our capabilities providing confidence in delivering a consistently high quality solution addressing opportunities.
  • Innovation – Use of the latest web tools provides for a highly collaborative and dynamic approach to managing our client engagements and provides rapid and continuous improvement through post project phase reviews and client satisfaction surveys.
  • Team – SolutionTrac underpins what our Designers need to perform at their best, how they can quickly become intimate with our clients business, act as client advocates, to deliver the best from the solution and the vendor, becoming an extended member of the client team.

The framework

The SolutionTrac methodology is based upon five critical components:

  •  Strategy and Solution Design management tools
  • Functional and Technical Implementation tools
  • Education and Change Management tools
  • Support and Upgrade tools
  • Long-term Value Delivery tools

Work defined from these critical areas is executed through a series of framework driven threads, along with the necessary governance and quality assurance checks,  to ensure all your strategic, technical, functional, transformation, educational and project management needs are carefully aligned and delivered.

Our methodology is flexible and adaptable to your specific project or program management approach. If required, we will work
with you to align our approach with yours without raising any risk.

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