TruePosition™ – Strategy

The Ultimate Evaluation of your Current State

You now have access to a rapid independent macro assessment of your WFM solution and can begin taking the next steps to evolving your business’ performance.


TruePosition™ – Know where your business stands

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TruePosition™ is a service offering that provides a high-level business assessment of the current utilization of your WFM solution and surrounding ecosystem. This engagement is designed to provide a unique insight into short-term opportunities coupled with long-term strategic guidance.

Our expert Solution Designers perform a current state functional assessment and technical assessment to evaluate the usage and performance of your system. The next step is to select our TrueCourse™  service, enabling our teams to collaboratively create a clear and strategic plan for your organization’s future.

TrueCourse™ – Create a plan for the future

Having an independent third party to assess your system and provide an opinion on your next steps can bring significant benefits and alignment to your overall goals and day-to-day activities. Our Solution Designers will address the TruePosition™ findings and begin to create a roadmap to fit your business requirements and objectives. This short engagement is designed to help you navigate the process between identified need and identification of a solution.

Using a proven approach

Our methodology is based on business objectives and industry best practices prioritized to focus on those initiatives that provide low disruption to the business, yet carry potentially high positive financial returns. The assessment methodology is conducted through a combination of interviews that span key resources from store personnel to corporate management. Collaboration is a key tenant and differentiator of the Presence of IT approach. Presence of IT collaborates with your team, your partners and vendors, and our own network partners to have as many minds as possible focused on the delivery of value to your organization and garner educated opinions.

Next step

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